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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Idyllic family life - reality or dream??

So, why start a blog now??

I’ve had several websites for my counseling practice over the years, mainly for information for those who have heard about me through another avenue. I’ve tried hard NOT to create a new website or blog. For one, I’m busy and honestly afraid that the added stress of maintaining a blog would further add to the list of things that don’t go to completion (along with baby books and an organized electronic compilation of family photos). Another reason is that I feel we’re all overloaded with information as it is. I would even joke with some of my colleagues about how the next generation of Registered Dietitians will have blogging 101 in school instead of the customary microbiology and organic chem.

So why did I do this?? Because despite all the information out there, my clients still come to me with questions they are trying to answer from unqualified or quack websites. It is so rewarding when I help guide my clients through (science-based) healthy lifelong decisions, especially when we’re all so busy and encumbered with information. This has been my dream, in a way, for a long time. I’m glad to share it with you!

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