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Cucumber Lime Sparkling Water

If you’re looking for a refreshing summer drink with lots of flavor but no calories, look no further! This no-sugar, zero-calorie drink is perfect for relaxing in your garden or for those work-from-home days where you’re just too hot to think!

I love water, but it can get boring. If you’re looking for a cold, refreshing drink without the sugar or calories, then infused waters may be just the thing for you. I like the fresh taste of cucumber, mint, and citrus and they pair together nicely in this drink.

And if you’re really thirsty, try something sour – like lemon water, or a sour candy. The acidity triggers the brain to make your mouth pucker and water. That’s another reason why I love this drink – it really quenches my thirst on a hot day.

Of course, this drink is super versatile – add or remove flavors that you like.

Sparkling Cucumber, Mint, Lime Water


Mint, handful or ~ ½ cup

Cucumber, 1/2, sliced

Lime, 1, sliced

Water, 4 cups

Sparkling water, 2-4 cups



1. Muddle mint, ½ the lime slices, and the cucumber slices. Add water and refrigerate to let flavors combine.

2. Strain half of the infused water into glasses and top with sparkling water. Top with remaining lime wedges.


Tell me if you tried it!

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