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Peach Cobbler Mocktail

Whether you’re looking for a drink the whole family can enjoy or simply a quick, elegant non-alcoholic drink, this peach cobbler mock-tini is perfect!

Non alcoholic drink made with peaches and orange seltzer

 After 9 months of pregnancy…twice…and a year of breastfeeding…twice…I started to tweak drinks so I wouldn’t feel left out at alcohol-imbibing events. And to feel a tad more elegant than a messy, burp cloth-wearing mama.

Now I make a mocktail when I'd like to drink something fancy while my kids are still awake and I know they’ll ask for a sip. It also shows them that you can still have fun without having alcohol.

Non alcoholic drink made with peaches and orange seltzer

For this drink, I muddled a few canned peaches, but you could very easily use peach nectar. (You may want to add a little simple syrup if you're just using canned peaches for a little extra sweetness.) I also used crushed up graham crackers and cinnamon to rim the cocktail glass, but some crystallized brown sugar with cinnamon might be nice, too.

This peach cobbler drink is perfect for anyone looking for an easy drink without alcohol. It’s refreshing and elegant enough to serve on Mother’s Day. Which I plan on doing for my own mum who rocked a burp cloth better than anyone!


3 ounces (90 milliliters) peach nectar

1 ¼ ounce (about 40 ml) orange seltzer

Rim: Graham Cracker Crumbs mixed with cinnamon

Garnish: peach slice


Add peach nectar to a martini glass. Top with orange seltzer. Rim with graham cracker crumbs mixed with cinnamon and a peach slice. Enjoy!

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