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Are you juggling your own full plate with family and work?? I'm Theresa, a lover of food, life, and family! I'm a Registered Dietitian simplifying nutrition to help you lose weight for the last time! Balance hormones, ditch guilt around food, and make mealtimes peaceful. 

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I'm Theresa, a dietitian from Brooklyn, NY and mom of two spirited little girls. I understand the stress busy families are under.  Are you ready to take care of yourself after you've been taking care of everyone else? I work with individuals and families to establish healthy habits, lose weight and manage chronic conditions. Step by step, we can provide a healthy foundation for the whole family. Questions? Comments? Email me at:



May 12, 2023

Theresa is just amazing. She is kind, patient, and fun to talk to. She listened with compassion as I described my journey and needs. Theresa came up with a plan of action for me that felt actionable, accessible, and achievable. Thank you!

Sarah L.

"I've started this year with a good mindset for the first time in a long time." 


I would elaborate on it by saying, "this client previously started January feeling shameful about gaining weight over the holidays (or overindulging over the holidays), just to feel desperate to make herself smaller in the new year. This time, she practiced moderation in eating and has all these tools in her toolbox so that she's sailing into 2023 in a healthy place, just ready to get right back on track instead of having to start all over again!"

Citrus Fruits

Carisa C.

 I was weighed at my doctor on Friday and I lost 10 pounds woo-hoo. Thank you so much for all the great advice. 

It was a great meeting. I love Theresa she is so easy to talk too and very helpful and insightful. She listened to my concerns and gave great suggestions. I will definitely refer her to everyone.

Pamela R.

Theresa is great and kind!! She listened to me and gave me great info. Can’t wait to continue working with her on my journey to great health!

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