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Growing up on cibo italiano fatto in casa (homemade Italian food), I knew how I wanted mealtimes with my family to look and feel, but I found myself struggling to do this for my family when we’re all so busy! I had to adjust my recipes (but not my standards) to keep mealtimes tasty, happy, quick and, most importantly, healthy. And that’s what I do here and for my clients. I hope you find inspiration and evidenced based nutrition information here while juggling your own full plate. 

About and Professional Bio

Theresa Gentile, MS, RDN, CDN believes you can overcome negative thoughts about food and weight, be a role model of health for your family, and make mealtimes peaceful again. Even when things get busy, diets are not a way of life. Theresa will help you change your habits for a lifetime while maintaining a sense of peace and presence in all aspects of your life.


Theresa jumped into the field of nutrition after learning of the inextricable link between diet and health. After a high school chemistry class coupled chemistry and cooking with nutrition, she knew she found her passion!


With over 18 years in nutrition, Theresa offers individual and group counseling at her private practice in Brooklyn, NY, and specializes in home enteral nutrition at Maimonides Medical Center. Theresa earned her Master of Science degree at CUNY Brooklyn College and completed her Dietetic Internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She is a National Media Spokesperon for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a NY state Media rep for the NY chapter of the Academy.


She is co-chair of the Cultural Foods and the Private Practice Committee of the Greater NY Dietetic Association and has worked on the "Let'sMove!" campaign led by First Lady Michelle Obama, to improve the nutrition of our nation’s children. She is a former adjunct faculty member of the Health and Nutrition department at CUNY Brooklyn College.


Theresa also provides nutrition lectures to the public and other professionals; she uses sound science and intuitive approaches to eating in her private practice; and she utilizes a lot of calendars and organizational tools at home. When she’s not out promoting local foods or biking, she’s in her kitchen testing out healthy recipes on her family.

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