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Products I love

Looking for a gift for a fellow foodie? Or a food or fitness product for yourself? Check out some of my favorite things below! (As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases)

You didn't think you needed a cordless handheld mixer until you have one. No cords to get in the way or get dirty. And the battery life is great.


If your kids love Uncrustable sandwiches, then you'll have fun making this DIY version with this sandwich cutter. With this, you can create any sandwich you'd like with any nut butter or jam or honey.

This blender is small, so it won't take up much counter space, but will encourage you to make quick smoothies in the morning. Amazon's Black Friday sale of 40% off is also an encouragement ;)

image blender.jpg

I've never personally used a Fitbit but many of clients love them. They track steps, sleep,your  monitor heart rate (which is great for quantifying when you're in fat burning zone during your workout), has YouTube music controls and has Google wallet and maps. Amazon has a 38% off Black Friday deal.

image fitbit.jpg

How many ounces is that piece of chicken? A food scale will take the guesswork out of knowing what you eat. And it's invaluable with weighing ingredients when you need to be precise, like when baking. This scale holds up to 11 lbs and it takes good old-fashioned AAA batteries.

kitchen scale.jpg

This water bottle is BPA-free and carries half of your daily water allowance. It has a fruit-infuser strainer AND a detachable strap! (Which I like so I can clip it on my bag.) And, of course, it has time-of-day delineations on it to remind you to keep sipping all day long.)

water bottle.jpg

The simple idea of adding the lid to the tray so they can stack (and your liquids won't spill) in the freezer makes me so happy! I use ice cube trays for lots of food preservation like: extra red wine to add to sauces, herbs coated in olive oil to throw in a soup, extra milk to throw in a smoothie, 

image ice cube.jpg

These larger ice cube trays are great for freezing soups, dips, and baby food.

image ice cube large.jpg

Revolutionize the way you make a healthy snack! This elegant, tempered glass popper pops the perfect single-serving of popcorn in your microwave! Home-popped popcorn is a high-fiber, filling snack. Three cups is one serving! You can easily make yourself a batch every day with easy clean-up and a nifty handle so you won't burn your fingers.

image popcorn popper_edited.jpg

Healthy breakfast needs to be easy! Make overnight oats, chia seed pudding, or Greek yogurt parfait in this nifty jars for a grab-and-go breakfast! Spoon included and these are spill-proof!

image overnight oats_edited.jpg

Y'all know how strength training is on everyone's plan, right? Well, these adjustable dumbbells are great for a home workout. Don't underestimate how much you can change your body composition and boost your metabolism with a few short sessions each week!

image weights.jpg

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets of all time is my mother's old Sunbeam Oskar Jr. mini food processor. Consider this the new generation. It's electric and rechargeable and, therefore, portable. (No more clearing the counter right by the outlet.) I use this for chopping vegetables, making dressings, pesto, energy balls, date bars...anything that needs to be in a food processor, but not enough volume to go in the big one.

image fd chopper.jpg

Who really goes shopping for a cheese grater? I do :) I love upgraded kitchen gadgets that make cooking fun and easier. This one also saves my fingers. I love the handle and slanted edge. 

image grater.jpg

If you're looking to up your game in your home gym, treat yourself or someone else to one of these compact stair steppers. It will give you a good resistance and cardio workout in one and doesn't take up a lot of space.

image stepper.jpg

Combined with stretching and mobility exercises, foam rolling loosens tight soft tissue, lengthens muscles, and massages muscles after a workout, alleviating soreness. Treat yourself to this massage after a workout. This roller gets reviews for being a basic, hard foam roller, comparable to pricier brands.

image foam roller.jpg

After a hard workout, treat yourself or a friend to a relaxing muscle soak at home with these Dead Sea magnesium salts.

image salt.jpg

Looking for a healthy gift for someone? I love dried fruit or nut baskets for a boost of fiber without all the added sugars.

image fruit.jpg
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